Dementia changes the ways people engage with each other over time. Dementia care is distinctive, and so is the support carers need. There are no typical pathways, no simple care recipes, no instructions. But we can become more informed and develop new skills, we can be understanding rather than fearful, sad but positive. This Introductory Workshop look at: what is meant by ‘dementia’, how and why dementia affects a person; what is required of carers to creatively adapt and respond. It provides a taste of what will be covered in the focussed workshops.


Designed for: Carers of people with dementia (partners, family members, friends, neighbours, professional care workers), people with dementia, community members who want to become dementia-aware. 


This workshop will bring you an introductory understanding of:

  • What is meant by ‘dementia’, and how our brains are affected, in simple, non-medical terms;

  • The changes that take place in abilities and perceptions, and why and how carers can learn to respond;

  • The progress of dementia in terms of states rather than stages, and how this enables informed, supportive care;

  • Dementia as a relationship that changes everyone – and why that is important to living well.

You will gain:  

  • Positive and affirming ways to think about dementia and dementia care;

  • Ideas that can be followed up in more in-depth workshops;

  • Access to the notes from the workshop;

  • Access to the weekly free Let’s Talk online carer sessions: an opportunity to be part of an online community of carers supporting each other. Join each week or just when you feel like it.


   Every Tuesday, 10am – 11.30am, starting 2 Feb 2021 

    Every Wednesday, 7pm – 8.30pm, starting 3 Feb 2021

   Note: Alternative times can be arranged on request. Email:

Note: This is an interactive workshop in real time. If you cannot set aside the whole time, please choose a different date. If  you can’t make these times , let us know and we will see what we can do!



Send an email to with your preferred date and time and you will receive confirmation usually within 24hrs. Please include the following information in your email:

Name, email and phone number for each person attending.

Workshops are kept small (under 8 people). In the event that an event is full we may ask you to select a different date.

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