Volunteering for Dementia Carers Australia


Dementia Carers Australia is a not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation. If you have any skills you can bring to our organisation we'd love to hear from you.

Email us now at: dementiareframed@gmail.com


There are various ways in which you might like to support the work of Dementia Reframed, and our Dementia Carers Australia website.


Our volunteers assist in running workshops, helping with administration, research, identifying quality resources for carers, and becoming involved in our activities.


We raise funds through our 'Dogs for Dementia' project - see our dogs (and cats!) on our shop site: www.dementia-reframed.com.au/shop

Our main fundraising event is Dahlias for Dementia, held on 1st of March (or the closest weekend) each year. If you would like to help out, there is always lots to do, starting from October when we put plans in place.

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donate to us

As a not-for-profit charity dependent on volunteers we are always immensely appreciative of any financial support. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to our work. You might also like to become a member of Dementia Reframed -  for just $20 a year you will be a part of all we do.

Donations to Dementia Reframed can be made via direct debit to:

Dementia Reframed Inc

BSB: 633 000   Account Nº: 167978527

Alternatively donate to us via PayPal at:

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