our Dementia Action Week event 


Lighten the Load:

Sharing Care Stories of Chaos and Creativity

 24 September 2020

  Join for the whole workshop, or the afternoon or evening

There will be a short 'afternoon tea' break and a one hour dinner break

(Sorry - no catering on zoom! But make yourself something yummy)

3-8 pm
or 3-5 pm or 6-8 pm
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Carers supporting carers

Join the generous people who have shared their stories to help lighten the load of others as well as their own.


One year ago we launched our website for carers, looked after by Meg (left) and we are adding to it all the time - add your story!


Carers of those with dementia learn so much from each other. Dementia Reframed is committed to helping this happen.

We have planned a 'story day', when you can join us on Zoom to share YOUR story - we will run an AFTERNOON and an EVENING session on the same day. Stay with us throughout (with a break) or join for one of the two sessions. 

  • Book in a time to share your story - EMAIL US to put yourself on the program - 5 to 15 mins. 

  • EMAIL US a story to share on your behalf if you can't be there

  • Register to get the zoom invite to listen, share, learn 

We will have time to chat, to reflect, to compare notes, to help each other.

Please let others know - anyone who is currently caring or who will be, anyone who has cared in the past, anyone who wants to support carers. We value stories from 'primary carers', family members (all ages!), friends, and professional care staff.

Maybe you want to share the issues that COVID-19 has presented you with

Maybe a funny story

Maybe offload some frustrations or sadness

Maybe share something that 'worked'

Maybe just ask a question!

Might be your story, or about someone else 

Might be a story about life after caring

We know the experience of living, day by day, with dementia is a roller coaster. But having someone to listen is wonderful - and this will be a day for listening as well as telling.