All the workshops listed here can be commenced after the introductory one, Dementia as Social Experience (DRW1) If the one you want is not timetabled, please contact us.  You can do the focussed workshops as a one-off or as a more in-depth series on the same topic. This will be attractive to people who want to advance their care skills. You can buy a package of workshops on any topics (2 to 5) or a series (depending on number, see below) to reduce costs.


DRW21: State of dementia - seeing through a GEMS© lens

This workshop encourages us to appreciate what state a person is in right now, today, and how we can respond accordingly. States are not quite the same as stages (e.g., early, moderate, severe) which imply a progression. People with dementia may move in and out of different states, even in one day. Understanding how to spot this is great for assessing what kind of care responses will work well right now, but also for helping us to look ahead and know what to expect.  This workshop is based on the amazing GEMS© States developed by Positive Approach to Care (PAC) – it is indeed positive and helpful.

DRS2: States of dementia series

Workshop DRW21                                     States of dementia and planning ahead through a GEMS lens 

Workshop DRW22 GEMS States 1:          Sapphires, Diamonds and Emeralds

Workshop DRW23 GEMS States 2:          Emeralds, Amber and Rubies

Workshop DRW24 GEMS States 3:          Rubies and Pearls

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DRW31: Why dementia care is different and what carers need to understand


Dementia care is unlike any other kind of care. The day to day realities of dementia care are often  underestimated. This is one reason carers do not receive enough appropriate information or support to enable them to care well. This takes its toll. To understand the unique demands that dementia makes on the ‘self’ enables a carer to deal with and adapt to the changes he or she will have to make, as the person they are caring for changes. Carers will need as much knowledge and support as possible to deal with frustration, collapsing plans and the poor, and often hurtful, responses of others.

DRWS31: Caring for carers series

Workshop DRW31       Why dementia care is different and what carers need to understand 

Workshop DRW32        Learning to adjust: refocussing frustration and anger  

Workshop DRW33        Being kind: dealing with grief, guilt and loneliness

Workshop DRW34        Building networks of care  

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DRW41: Common issues a carer will encounter

This Workshop gives you skills and practice in identifying potential problems, how to approach problems and how to deal with and de-escalate them. Common problems include: not  wanting to go out, getting lost, mixing day and night, making up things, being rude, wanting to drive, unwanted/inappropriate behaviours and language, wandering, falls, seeing things, and so on. We won’t deal with every problem, but will be led by participants, according to what is important for you.. You can raise and share those problems that are causing you the most anxiety and we can work through possible solutions.  


DRWS41: Caring for carers series

Workshop DRW41:       Why dementia care is different and what carers need to understand 

Workshop DRW42:       Engaging and communicating through changes in perception

Workshop DRW43:       Common problems 

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DRW51: Dealing with diffficult behaviours


It is not necessarily ‘the dementia’ that causes ‘challenging behaviours’! These behaviours are often logical and understandable responses to a challenging environment for someone whose brain isn't 'working' adequately – responses to us, to noise, boredom, confusion, to feeling vulnerable and frightened, to hunger or tiredness, to discomfort, to thoughts they can’t communicate. We can learn to observe the clues so as to respond well: to defuse and calm agitation, confusion, aggression.

DRW61: Understanding dementia positively

This is a workshop specifically designed for community members and services personnel who want to be more dementia-aware. Know how to approach people, be sensitive and respectful, say the ‘right thing’ in the right way. Help someone get home, help them get a coffee, be a friend. Be a good neighbour. An excellent workshop for those who deal with the public everyday – in cafes, hairdressers, pharmacies, banks, shops, physiotherapists, etc. 

DRW71: The paperwork

This workshop focuses on understanding the financial/legal documents that need to be put in place, how to make decisions and, how to ensure your wishes are respected. This includes Wills, Power of Attorney, Guardianship, Living Wills and End of Life Care Plans. Each State is a little different and our focus will be on NSW. We do not provide financial or legal advice – we help you understand the system and the processes, how they can work for you, and how to get family or friends involved. You don’t need a dementia diagnosis to put these plans into place – this is important for everyone.

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DRW81: Dementia for kids

This workshop is designed by young people, and young people will be part of the facilitation team. It will be great for grandparents and grandchildren, or young people with parents with younger onset dementia.  We focus on ways to have conversations about dementia with children and teens, and encourage participants to engaged their children in this workshop with them. We will tell, illustrate and write stories. Kids are important. They continue to bring joy to those with dementia but they need support to understand changing relationships too.

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