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We have developed a website dedicated to dementia carers to help them through the maze of information about dementia and care. With your help, we are continually adding to and updating this website - let us know what you would like to see on it:


Community and Online Workshops


Our distinctive approach is focused on social/relational components of care not simply skills/activities. We conduct introductory to advanced workshops for people with dementia, family members, professional carers, friends and neighbours, whether at home or in day/residential care facilities. Workshops range from one hour to two full days. They can be tailored to suit communities or organisations, and can be held in your locality/facility.

Thinking positively about dementia and dementia care
An introductory workshop about dementia. We look at how it progresses, how to stay independent and enjoylife, thinking ahead and learning about care. This is a prerequisite for other workshops but can be combined with them.

Understanding the stages of dementia, and adapting care through each stage
Thinking strategically and planning ahead, and ways to support and enhance the lives of those with dementia and enable people to remain at home for as long as possible.

Being a carer: creative approaches to the roller coaster experiences of dementia care
Thinking about and understanding the particular demands of dementia care to enable us to care well, including caring for ourselves.

Developing skills in connecting and communicating
Connection and communication are prerequisites for caring well. Knowledge and skills in communicating and connecting become more and more important over time. This workshop includes a wide-range of useful communication strategies, to build on your knowledge and skills in ways that enable continual communication as these adapt to changes.

Acquiring the knowledge and skills to deal with so-called ‘difficult’ behaviours
As dementia progresses, ‘difficult’ behaviors may make care difficult. When there is understanding of the causes for this behaviour, and a good repertoire of communication skills, most of these behaviours can be dealt with without the need for chemical or physical restraint.


Consultancies for Management and Boards

We conduct evaluation and planning sessions for the directors and senior staff of care institutions who want to improve their workplace culture, staff training and supportive practices.



Research and Formal Presentations

We run symposia and conferences to engage people in the ideas, policies and practices that count; and we present and publish research papers. See the website for recent events and publications.


Fund Raising

We raise funds through our pop-up shop, Charlie’s Shed, hosted by Charlie’s Indoor Outdoor homewares shop in Berrima; and through tax-deductible donations.


We also organise DAHLIAS FOR DEMENTIA DAY on 1 March each year - download the Dahlias for Dementia Day flyer here.


See website for details of this and other events.

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