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Communicating Well: Enhancing Lives and Relationships

Lighten the Load

This is a free event - sharing care stories of chaos and creativity. We appreciate donations towards our work: see our 'SUPPORT' button on the Home Page

Lighten the Load

Sharing care stories of chaos and creativity

Online Carer Workshop Packages

Why not purchase a workshop package. Choose the number of workshops you'd like to attend and then the choice is yours as to which ones you take part in!

DRW1: Thinking Positively About Dementia - An Introduction

DRW21: States of Dementia - Seeing Through a Gems© Lens

Appreciate the state a person is and respond appropriately. Know when things change. States are not stages (early, moderate, severe). People move in and out of different states, even in one day. Observe so you can respond well. Based on PAC GEMS(c) model.

DRW31: Why Dementia Care is Different

Dementia care is unlike other care - The day to day realities are underestimated and carers do not receive appropriate information or support to enable them to care well. Understand dementia’s unique demands enables carers to adapt and cope with endless frustrations.

DRW41: Some Common Issues a Carer Will Encounter

This Workshop gives you skills and practice in identifying potential problems, ideas for approaching these, and strategies to help divert or de-escalate. Will be participant-led: raise and share issues you are facing. We will work through possible solutions.

DRW51: Dealing with 'Difficult Behaviours'

‘Challenging behaviours’ may be rational responses to people not knowing how to connect well or deal with aggravations - noise, confusion, fear, hunger, discomfort, thoughts they can’t communicate. Learn to observe and respond to defuse and calm agitation, confusion, aggression.

DRW10 Let's Talk! Chat Time for Carers

EVERY WEEK - a chat time for anyone who has completed a workshop and wants to stay in touch
A weekly one hour session with no agenda – think of it as ‘drop in’ time and bring concerns, questions and stories to share these with others.
LET’S TALK is a supportive space: ask each other for assistance.

Dementia Action Week – Leichhardt Workshop

Creating an aware, supportive and dementia-friendly environment is important for us all.

Dementia as Social Experience: An Introductory Workshop (DRW1)

FREE workshop - different times available each week - see below. A small interactive group will look at how and why dementia affects our capacities, and how carers can adapt and respond well when provided with positive information. We open up themes covered in detail in focused workshops.

Dementia Reframed 

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