what is distinctive about our workshops?


Our online workshops are designed to help you understand more about dementia in positive and creative ways, and how to care well for someone with dementiacaring well means caring for carers!

Dementia Reframed’s approach is distinctive.

We see dementia as a social experience because it is all about relationship. The relationship is between a person who has dementia and the people who will support them from diagnosis onward. This relationship may be with a partner, a son or daughter, a grandchild, a friend or neighbour, a care worker, a nurse, a doctor. Dementia changes everyone – not only the person who brain is changing, but it will change all these relationships as well. Understanding how and why these changes take place, and how they change over time, helps us to keep relationships strong. We can continue to connect, to communicate effectively, to encourage independence as well as provide the right support.

Dementia Reframed focuses on supporting carers. They are the key to a quality of life with dementia! Good care is always based on good relationships: carers can become aware of why changes occur and how to respond well – that means a care has to be able to adapt their thinking, attitudes, expectations – and more. That is not always easy but awareness helps us manage so much better. The more a carer understands, the better they are able to care for another person and for themselves. This is not just about keeping someone safe, fed or occupied – it is about maintaining relationship – that is what human social life is all about – it about ‘being alive well’, living as good a life as possible.

Our workshop facilitators include health professionals, academics of different disciplines, advocates, and others but our central expertise is that everyone of us has lived experience as a carer of someone with dementia - even the younger people on our team. Our websites and workshops are designed by carers for carers, and we keep learning from the carers who engage with us. There is no one story of care, so shared stories are invaluable.

Our approach is social not medical. We do not diagnose, treat or give advice, although we can often point you in the right direction. Rather, we share insights from experienced carers to support all those touched by the dementia experience to live as well as possible, positively, sensitively and well-informed.